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Join Arman Assadi in this pioneering podcast as he shares his entrepreneurial journey of finding flow and fulfillment and goes deep down the rabbit hole with some of the world’s most fascinating thought leaders, NYT bestselling authors, academics, artists, and real-world heroes. We'll unpack juicy topics like entrepreneurship, psychology, philosophy, mental health, personal development, mindset, and more. Arman’s mission is to democratize wisdom. He is the co-founder of Steno, co-founder and CEO of Project EVO, and founder of Assadi Ventures. Arman bootstrapped Project EVO to multi-7 figures and raised over $1 million on crowdfunding for the EVO Planner™, which was crowned the most funded planner of all time. He also created the Elements Assessment™ and Brain Type Assessment™, proprietary personality type tests taken by almost 1 million people worldwide. Tap subscribe and turn on notifications for new episodes every TUESDAY. Say hi and TEXT him directly at 619-825-2595. Learn more at armanassadi.com
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