FLOW with Arman Assadi

72. The Weird but Effective Way to Deal With Haters Online

May 04, 2021 Arman Assadi
FLOW with Arman Assadi
72. The Weird but Effective Way to Deal With Haters Online
Show Notes

I got DESTROYED by the internet last week. 

I even got my first death threat (Because I expressed my admiration for Elon Musk).

The internet can clearly be an absolutely disgusting place. Social media and anonymity/pseudonymity seem to enable people to reveal their true nature.

But don’t worry I am 0% affected by this. It obviously shocked me to see it but clearly, this is a depressed cynical nihilistic person who’s completely lost. To truly do good in the world you have to be aware of the monsters that are out there, including the ones inside yourself, otherwise, you’re just living in a bliss bubble.

This is a very challenging time for all humanity. What we lack more than anything is an education in critical thinking. We seem to be desperately trying to find our place in this digital age. Everyone has grabbed hold of a ‘Truth’ and they think "I have found the answer and everyone else is a sheep/idiot". We’ve lost the ability to reason, think, analyze, discuss. I’ve asked many people questions about where their beliefs come from and the reaction is often the same: a) attack mine because they can’t explain theirs or b) ignore.

The digital age, censorship, social media, anonymity, truth. This results in violent behavior and isolationist thinking that further separates us. The cynical side of me is worried. But the optimist believes that this is a messy and required phase and this too shall pass. Hopefully 🙏


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